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Note: This website is mostly a parody, but Ghost in a Bottle is a real Amsterdam-based game development company. Check out Octopus City Blues and our press kit for more information.

About Us


During this period of rapid innovation and evolution within the global industry, people around the world look to GiaB as a successful example of a company that managed to grow and dynamically evolve to meet a market undergoing drastic transformations. Most of the time, we were at the forefront of this revolution because unlike many other companies, our ultimate interest has always been to hoard as much gold as possible in our massive underground vaults. We feel that is our responsibility as the custodians of this planet to preserve all the shiny minerals and protect them from human exploitation. Our noble values and clear missions allow us to react instantly to market changes without being encumbered by man-made social structures or ethical boundaries. At Ghost in a Bottle Zaibatsu, we transcend morality.™

Humble Beginnings

Following the ice age and the fifth war, the world needed hope. People prayed for a savior to show them the way. The combined hopes, dreams, prayers, and the dark energy inherent in the depths of the human soul, came together to give birth to purified energy in the form of a bottle.

This was no ordinary bottle, however. It was a special bottle with a mysterious aura. The bottle contained the last hope of humanity; a baby ghost born of darkness has arrived to teach people how they can become whole again. The Ghost in a Bottle.

Naturally, the Ghost in a Bottle graduated with honors and went on to start its own mega-corporation. The new conglomerate, the Ghost in a Bottle Company, soon experienced rapid expansion as it spread all over the globe and employed most of the civilized people in the world. Huge Arcologies were built to house the employees and help them focus on their ultimate purpose: making money for GiaB.



It wasn't always easy, however. Many criminal elements and rogue organizations opposed the rightful ideals of GiaB. Some were jealous of Ghost in a Bottle, others wanted the gold for themselves, and a few thought that they were saving the world or its petty creatures. These maggots had to be eliminated to ensure the fulfillment of GiaB's pure vision. We do realize that our approach to dealing with this issue might be unique, but our investment is empowering human capital and logistic resources to facilitate the efficient gathering of precious resources. That itself is the very definition of saving the world.

This is an exciting time for Ghost in a Bottle and humanity as a whole. It is our sincere belief that we have all the elements of a successful revolution in place including premier talent, a strategic vision, and an uncompromising lust for gold, silver, and bitcoins. We look forward to working with you to take our corporation to the next level of growth and excellence of innovation.

Latest News

GiaB Oil to Drill New Wells

Upstream oil regulators have given nod to Ghost in a Bottle Oil to drill 4 new wells as part of a USD 2.8 billion plan to develop gas fields in a protected national wildlife refuge.

GiaB Forecasts Skyrocket as Fighting Resumes

Fighting erupted in the interstellar colonies after a brief ceasefire. This development was beneficial to GiaB War Industries end of year forecasts with the expected increase in demand for military equipment and private army units.

Bank Union Pleased with GiaB

The Global Bank Union has scrapped plans to conduct a thorough inquiry into allegations that Ghost in a Bottle Banking Division was involved in massive money laundering operations that might have funded illegal activities around the world. The head of the union was quoted saying "GiaB is OK in my book"