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Octopus City Blues

Octopus City Blues

The authentic Octopus City simulation.

Rainbow Nightmare

Rainbow Nightmare

The original evil robot empire simulation.

Latest News

GiaB Oil to Drill New Wells

Upstream oil regulators have given nod to Ghost in a Bottle Oil to drill 4 new wells as part of a USD 2.8 billion plan to develop gas fields in a protected national wildlife refuge.

GiaB Forecasts Skyrocket as Fighting Resumes

Fighting erupted in the interstellar colonies after a brief ceasefire. This development was beneficial to GiaB War Industries end of year forecasts with the expected increase in demand for military equipment and private army units.

Bank Union Pleased with GiaB

The Global Bank Union has scrapped plans to conduct a thorough inquiry into allegations that Ghost in a Bottle Banking Division was involved in massive money laundering operations that might have funded illegal activities around the world. The head of the union was quoted saying "GiaB is OK in my book"